Want 2000+ new blog subscribers every month? Achieve it in 3 quick steps

grew-subscribers-by-2000-month-prestondleeJust a few days ago, I passed the envied 10,000-subscriber mark on my freelance design blog.

I am totally blown away by all the support that my readers have given me over the last few years and I can’t believe how far the blog has come.

Would you believe that just a short while ago, I was only at about 1,500 subscribers?

In just a few months, my subscriber base has skyrocketed by 2,000+ new subscribers each month!

That’s 60-100 subscribers every day asking me to send them updates on new blog posts, new products, and more.

And today, I want to share with you how I did it in 3 quick steps.

I literally made very little change to my blog other than these small 3 steps and saw amazing results. Hopefully they can help you see results too!

3 easy steps to more blog subscribers

1. First, create insanely attractive content.
The key to success at blogging is to start with a foundation of insanely useful and epic content (hat tip to Corbett Barr there for the word choice).

If you skip this step, nothing else you do will work very well.

No one wants to subscribe to a blog that can’t help fulfill a need they have. (tweet that)

Providing insanely attractive content will bring you the traffic you need to make this method work.

2. Next, offer them something even better…for FREE
I know it’s hard to resist, but the next step is to create some of the most amazing content you can. You might be tempted to keep it for a future blog post or even for a book you might publish one day.


Just give it away.

That’s right, give away the best content you have in exchange for a simple email address. You can package it as an ebook, a video training series, a VIP section of your web site, or whatever.

3. Don’t be afraid of annoying your readers
The last step is a bit controversial, but after I tried it and saw the results, I haven’t ever looked back.

To really capitalize on this system, you have to place a popup window on your blog.

Yes. One of those “annoying” popup windows that you have to close in order to read the killer content behind it.

But here’s why it’s not really as annoying as you think:

Imagine if you’re in a book store shopping for books on your favorite topic (let’s say zoology).

And then someone walks up to you and says: “I’m really sorry to bother you, but I wanted to give you this amazing free book about zoology. It comes with a bunch of information you’d have to pay for otherwise.”

Would you be annoyed?

Of course not.

You’d jump at the chance.

And if you’re really friendly, you’d probably hug the guy.

But you’d be really happy and not annoyed in the slightest.

It’s the same with a subscription incentive:

If the content you’re offering in exchange for an email address is truly high-quality and solves some sort of problem, then you’re set.

In fact, I’ve even had readers thank me for the quality content.

And, perhaps most importantly, now I don’t feel like a sleazy salesman/marketer just trying to round up email addresses.

So there you have it

There it is– 3 quick steps to getting more subscribers.

If you want to see what I mean, take a look at my other blog.

Chris Garrett does it with two (count ’em, two) free ebooks.

Corbett Barr does it with a free traffic toolkit.

Derek Halpbern does it with sheer awesomeness. He doesn’t even offer additional content.

There are a million ways to spin it, but I can practically guarantee you’ll see results if you just give it a try!

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