How to sort out good ideas from bad ones

I have one little trick that helps me sort out the good ideas from the bad ones.

Because we entrepreneurial type have lots of ideas. And it’s hard to know which ideas to dedicate your time to and which ones should be jotted down in a list for some day in the future.

Here’s what I do to sort out good ideas and bad ones when I’m unsure.

Maybe it will help you. (PS: I’d love to hear how you sort out the bad ideas from the good too. Leave a comment.)

Am I still excited about it?

Almost every idea I have sounds awesome in the moment.

Am I right?

I mean, you’ve probably had a great idea for an invention, the next big app, or a fun web site you could start.

When I get ideas for things like this, I write it down in a list of “random ideas.”

Then a few days later, I revisit the list randomly and guess what:

Some of the ideas I am no longer excited about.

The drive that was there when the idea originally hatched has since disappeared.

Not-so-great idea.

At least not for me.

But if I’m still excited about the idea days or even weeks after hatching it, I know I’ve got a winner.

Does that mean all my ideas that I’m excited about turn into million-dollar projects?

Of course not.

But does it mean I work mostly on projects that I actually enjoy and have a passion for.


How do you weed out bad ideas?

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