What keeps you off the success train?

I take the train to work everyday. 40 minutes into the city and 40 minutes back home.

And I really love it.

It gives me time to unwind, to think, to blog.

And I wouldn’t trade my train time for anything most days.

Are you getting on the train?

This morning I went to board the train and saw a few people standing on the platform, just outside of the entrance. They had yet to cross over the tracks and, within 2 minutes or less, would miss the train.

I could see the train on the horizon. It was coming.

They could see it too.

So why were they just sitting there, waiting until the last second to cross the tracks and prepare themselves to board the train?

They were smoking.

According to train regulations, there is no smoking allowed on the platform or on the train.

So they were stuck; left behind. Forced to stay back.

And they almost missed the train.

Now, this is not a post about whether or not I think smoking is good or bad for you. (But I do think it’s terrible for you. Ok, done.)

This is a post encouraging us all to ask what might be holding us back.

What’s keeping us from reaching our full potential?

What’s keeping us from boarding the train?

Is your distraction worth it?

We all have distractions that hold us back from chasing the dream train, right?

Maybe we’re distracted from starting our own business. You know these distractions well: a steady paycheck, health insurance, job security.

Maybe we’re distracted from pursuing something we’ve always dreamed about (learning a language, running a marathon, writing a book) because we can’t let go of other time-consuming activities like watching TV or checking Facebook relentlessly.

Whatever our “cigarette” is, it’s holding us back.

It’s keeping us from boarding the train that will take us to the place we want to go.

We stand on the platform, smoking our cigarette of distraction, waiting until the final moment before the train departs.

And if we’re not careful, we’ll miss it.

And once we miss the train, the only thing we’ve got left is our wasteful, useless distraction.

Don’t miss the train.

Throw away your cigarette of distraction today and board the train now!

Believe me, it’s worth it.

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  1. Hey Preston

    I love the illustration. it is so incredibly true. I remember the amazing amount of time i found that i had when i finally got off Facebook and Stopped watching TV.

    I’m curious though, do you preach? your phrasing reminds me of a strong appeal style.




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