Why I’d rather be naive when it comes to success

Everyone has their favorite niche blogs.

I bet you have one.

Do you read about cinnamon rolls, or cabbage patch kids, or tin foil, or [insert your passion here]?

For a younger me (about 4 years younger), it was graphic design.

I was enthused with logos, layout design, web design, colors, shapes, etc etc.

And I read a lot about all of that.

Then one day, I noticed that all of my favorite blogs had these little grey boxes on them that said “Advertise Here.”

Then a light-bulb went off in my brain: if these guys could sell advertising space on a blog by simply writing cool stuff, well then I could do that too.

How naive, right?

Now, if you’ve ever done any sort of real blogging (I’m talking growing an audience to more than 100,000 people and making a steady income) you know how naive I was. Mostly for two reasons:

1. Few bloggers make their millions from advertising.

2. Finding a voice in a crowded niche is considered the hardest thing next to translating Mandarin Chinese into Klingon.

I did it anyway

But I did it anyway.

I started a blog. And I’ve seen success.

Am I making millions? No.

But is there a thriving community around my blog? If you call 100,000+ monthly readers a nice-sized community, then yes.

And I’m not done yet. It’s going to continue to grow, help people and make me a steady paycheck each month.

Why I’d rather be naive

And since starting that blog, I’ve thought of a million more topics I’d like to blog about.

I’m starting to blog about self-help, internet business, and that sort of stuff here, so that’s good (and a crowded niche if I do say so).

But what about my other passions that I would love to blog about?

Every idea I’ve had has been shot down by…you guessed it…me.

I get all caught up in who already has a blog on the same topic, how saturated the market is, if I’d really have time to manage it all, if I will still be passionate about said topic in 10 years and blah blah blah.

Wouldn’t it be easier if I was just naive?

So I’m going to try.

If I’m passionate about something, I’m going to give it a whirl. Even if the odds are stacked against me.

And you should to.

And then you should tell me about it in the comments. What are you going to get started on next?


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